PVC Cards

Medium-durability cards great for full-color photo IDs and loyalty cards.

Composite cards

Composite material construction provides for maximum durability, flexibility and card life, with optimal resolution print quality for re-transfer printing, lamination and fluorescent panel ribbon printing applications.

PET Cards

Polyester is a thermoplastic polymer commonly referring to polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, PET is recyclable. It is also suitable for thermal disposal, as it contains no harmful toxins. PET vs PVC Besides being environmentally-friendly, PET's key properties are strength and flexibility, making it ideal for card manufacture. Though more expensive than PVC, it is less prone to cracking and breaking, more temperature stable, lasts longer and is more environmentally-friendly

Polycarboante cards

100% polycarbonate construction offers the highest level of card durability and longest card life. UltraCard® PC is ideal for laser engraving applications and is compatible only with High Definition Printing (HDP®) technology.